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Mike Bryan

Introducing the visionary behind Beyond the Baseline Coaching - Mike Bryan, a renowned figure in the world of tennis, who holds all the doubles records in tennis history, including a Gold Medal at the London Olympics, 508 weeks at number 1 in the world, impressive 22 Grand Slams and 124 professional titles. Beyond the confines of the court, Mike's pursuit of excellence takes on a broader, holistic dimension. His experiences, from studying psychology at Stanford University, to his triumphs and overcoming heartbreaking defeats on the court and in life, to rediscovering health and happiness after his almost 25 years on the professional circuit, forms the foundation of Beyond the Baseline Coaching.




Mike has been retired for 4 years and has since taken a deep dive into the mental and emotional factors which have arisen for him while making his transition beyond sport. He has  invested in many top level success coaches, well known holistic doctors, and has attended some of the best personal growth/spiritual retreats in the world. Needless to say, Mike doesn’t leave a stone unturned and is constantly finding ways to enhance his teaching. He has even created a “Healing House” where he combines modern technology alongside ancient spiritual practices to give clients an in person immersive experience where they get to work beside Mike to achieve a balance in body, mind and spirit.


Currently based in Tampa, FL with his wife and two boys. With an unwavering dedication to sharing his wealth of wisdom, he is now on a mission to help retired athletes find meaning and connection in the uncertainty of life after sports.

Mike is excited to take his clients on a transformative personal growth journey, where the pursuit of excellence transcends the boundaries of sports and extends to the realms of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.


To learn more about Beyond the Baseline Programs, submit an inquiry below and set up a free 15 minute consultation.   

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